I'm a 30 year old programmer from Småland currently living in Karlshamn.

I've had a big interest in games all my life and since getting into programming during the last few years that has become one of my favorite things to do.

When it comes to making games I consider myself a generalist with focus on gameplay programming, but on occasion I also really enjoy working with a bit more low-level systems writing C++ appliactions.


In my sparetime I enjoy playing board games, watch movies and I also spend quite some time working on personal projects.


- C++, C#, HLSL, GLSL

- Unity, DirectX 11, OpenGL, Psp2, PS4, XBox One

- Havok, Fmod, Box2D, Rapid JSON, Flatbuffers, Protobuffer,         Photon pun, Steamworks, Discord Game SDK, Gitlab CI

- Hg, Svn, Git

- Game programming at Playgroundsquad

Work Experience

- EatCreateSleep feb 2018 - july 2019

- Arctic Fox Game Studios (part time)

  march 2019 - february 2020

- The Station Interactive aug 2019 - onging

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